Saturday, October 24, 2015

Transfer files from Android to Ubuntu 15.10 Lenovo G50-45 Laptop using Bluetooth.

I struggled to use Blue-tooth on my Ubuntu 14.04 Lenovo G50-45 and eagerly waiting for Ubuntu 15.10 which has Linux Kernel 4.2 and proper drivers for using Blue-tooth on this Laptop. As soon as Ubuntu 15.10 Development version Kernel was upgraded to 4.2 I installed it and happily using it. Although the Laptop got connected through Blue-tooth to my Android Phone I had to try various things including  obex-data-server etc. to transfer the files.

On 22nd Oct 2015 final version of Ubuntu 15.10 was available I downloaded the ISO and made a USB stick and decided to connect Android phone to the laptop using Blue-tooth on Live Ubuntu 15.10.

I had to install Bluetooth Manager to transfer files to and from Android Phone to the laptop.

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