Friday, January 30, 2009

My review of KNOPPIX 6.0

I am long time user of various Linux distributions and also love Live CD distributions. I had never tried KNOPPIX before. I downloaded KNOPPIX 6.0 yesterday and burnt a CD. I never burn a CD to try new distributions but I had to for KNOPPIX (that story for some other day).

KNOPPIX 6.0 comes with LXDE (which I love) as default but it also uses COMPIZ as default (this I did not know till the desktop appeared).

My review: I have fallen in love with default COMPIZ settings on KNOPPIX 6.0. See the screen shots below:

Cube with glxgears rotating inside

and this is what happens when you close an application;

Live CD has following applications:
GnomeMplayer with multimedia codecs (I tried wma and mp3)
GIMP ImageViewer xpdf
gconf-editor NM_Applet(0.70) PCManFM Synaptic Wavelan Xsceernsaver
elinks Icedove Iceweasel Pidgin Java6_Web_start
Leafpad LXTerminal Orca File_search_utility XArchiver

with Linux 2.6.28 and Xorg 7.3 (xserver 1.4.2)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Putting small Linux Distros on one CD.

Every Linux lover often carries many linux distributions each on one CD or DVD. In addition you need some utilities like Super Grub disk etc. There is a cool script through which you can combine small distributions The latest version can be used to combine:
Debian Live binary.iso
Ultimate Boot CD ubcd.iso
-very small-
DSL dsl.iso
Puppy puppy.iso
Feather feather.iso
SliTaz slitaz.iso
-rather small-
Slax slax.iso
Slax modules *.lzm
DeLi Linux deli.iso
TinyMe timyme.iso
anitX antix.iso
Wolvix wolvix.iso
-partitoning and specialized-
RIPLinuX riplinux.iso
SystemRescueCd sysrcd.iso
Trinity Rescue Kit trk.iso
Parted Magic pmagic.iso
GParted Live gparted.iso (can't be on same CD as Debian Live)
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor ntpasswd.iso
EASEUS Disk Copy diskcopy.iso
Clonezilla clonezilla.iso
PING ping.iso
NetbootCD netbootcd.iso
Ubuntu (hardy or intrepid) mini.iso ubuntu-mini.iso
Debian (etch, lenny or sid) mini.iso debian-mini.iso
Fedora 9 netinst fedora-boot.iso
openSUSE NET iso opensuse.iso
Mandriva boot.iso mandriva-boot.iso
Arch Linux FTP or CORE arch.iso
FreeDOS base or full CD fdbasecd.iso/fdfullcd.iso
Any floppy disk image *.img or *.imz (could be Super Grub Disk, MS-DOS, etc.)
Any floppy disk image games/*.img or games/*.imz (for bootable DOS disk images with games, like this one)
GRUB4DOS grub.exe grub.exe
DBAN iso image dban.iso
Balder (FreeDOS) automatic
Memtest86+ automatic

The site is at Tuxfamily.