Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Running Linux on Pentium MMX 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM


I have an old desktop with Pentium MMX 200 MHz 32 MB RAM. It has Windows 98 since it was bought. Ubuntu is my favorite distribution so I installed it first in dual boot with JWM window manager. Here is my post describing Ubuntu installation on this machine.

Later on I tried Damn Small Linux and did a frugal install. I added Opera from mydsl and found that it was faster compared to Opera on Ubuntu with JWM.

Then I fiddled with the sound card and found that it was Yamaha OPL3-SAx. I searched on many Linux forums including Ubuntuforums and learnt that I required alsaconf to configure it. I remembered that Puppy Linux Live CD had this utility.

I inserted Puppy Live CD and could configure the sound card without inputting any DMA or IRQ numbers by using alsaconf. I could test the sound through alsaconf at the end of the configuration.

Then I decided to play an audio CD and discovered that I could remove Puppy Live CD (although I had only 32 MB RAM) and insert and play the audio CD in the same drive. Amazing!

I also configured my network connection and saved all configurations on the hard disc at the end of the session.

Now whenever I insert Puppy Live CD the saved sound card and network configurations work. There is no need to do hard disc install.

I am looking for suitable Opera version for Puppy like I have in mydsl.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to write to Windows NTFS partition from Ubuntu Feisty.

After you install Ubuntu in dual boot with windows it is necessary to have Read/Write access to your old files on NTFS partition. When you install Feisty, it mounts your NTFS partitions Read only. Here is how to get write access to the partition.

Click on Applications/Add-remove.
Type NTFS in the search box and select all available applications in show box.

You will find NTFS Configuration Tool, select it to install and click apply.

After the utility is installed click on Applications/System Tools/NTFS Configuration Tool.
Check the required boxes and click ok.