Friday, October 16, 2015

Importing ICICI Bank, other Banks and Android Applicaton Transactions in GnuCash.

I posted about the same topic in 2011. I have decided to maintain the Books of Accounts on my own in the Current Financial Year 2015-16 (since the tryst with Steam Turbine is temporarily suspended and tryst with Linux is on which the readers of this Blog would have noticed anyway looking at frequency of my posts). I installed GnuCash 2.6.6 on Ubuntu through Software Centre couple of days ago and started importing the Bank Account Files. ICICI Bank no longer offers QIF/MSMoney Fomat download as stated in comments on the year 2011 post. No problem for me. I downloaded the Excel File and saved as CSV which was accepted by GnuCash in the option "Import Transactions from CSV".

I imported the transactions from Bank Accounts, Credit Card Accounts and the corresponding debit/credit entry went into Imbalance and only task then was to change the imbalance into the correct account.

I have again become my own CA, thanks to GnuCash.

I also installed GnuCash Application on Android Phone, created Expenses Account, entered the Cash transactions while shopping, exported the transactions in QIF File, imported that File on Desktop Application and the Transactions are entered there. Great going.
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