Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ubuntu Desktop Team wants your feedback.

The Ubuntu Desktop team is tasked with transitioning Ubuntu desktop over from Unity to GNOME — and they need your feedback to help them do it.

The above poll is appearing on OMGUbuntu

I am using Ubuntu for more than 12 years now. From next year Ubuntu 18.04LTS Ubuntu is going to shift from Unity Desktop to GNOME.

Presently I am using Ubuntu 16.04LTS and generally use GNOME fall-back session. I was also keen to try GNOME Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04.

I clicked on the Install GNOME shell link on OMGUbuntu page, installed it and logged out of fall-back to GNOME session.

GNOME extensions are installed through Browser but Firefox requires you to enable GNOME integration. For this I followed following page on OMGUbuntu

After integration I went to GNOME Extensions page and installed the following extensions:
and participated in the survey. I also installed Caffeine and Open Weather extensions.
I am now using GNOME Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Transferring Contacts from Nokia X2-00 to Android Phone

I am helping husband of my sister-in-law to shift from ordinary Nokia phone to Volte smartphone. For buying his preference was Samsung Volte so we bought Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro online. After delivery of the phone and charging the Battery we went to Reliance Digital Express to buy Jio sim. The main problem was to transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to the new Android Phone.

I got the Model No of Nokia Phone by dialling *#0000# it was Nokia X2-00
Then I searched suitable Nokia Suite for the Model and downloaded Nokia Suite 3.8.54 on Laptop.
I connected the phone to the Laptop through USB Cable and tried to Synchronize Contacts on Nokia Suite but it failed. Then I switched on Bluetooth on the phone and connected through Bluetooth. I could synchronize the Contacts.

I exported all the Contacts to a Folder NokiaX2-00
I opened the Windows Terminal and typed the following command after navigating to NokiaX2-00 folder.
COPY *.VCF combined.VCF

I exported the file combined.VCF to Google Contacts and synchronized on Android Phone.