Thursday, September 01, 2005

Five reasons NOT to use Linux.


Read the article here:

After reading you will find why a Linux fan like me is posting the link to the article.

Here, we go again: why Linux is better:

Now in case you decide to try Linux. Let me tell you which distribution to start with and why by quoting from an article about Linspire:
"One of the main differences between Linspire and other Linux distros (Mandriva, Ubuntu, MEPIS, etc.) is that Linspire does include a lot of legal and paid-for 3rd-party licenses for things like mp3, Java, Flash, Quick Time, Windows Media, Bitstream fonts, Real media, music, etc., and this is all pre-loaded, tested and ready to use. Take all that away and you don't have Linspire, you have something more like other Linux distros."

Actually Linspire is so much like Windows that it was called "Lindows" but it changed to Linspire after agreement with Microsoft (That is another story).

Download version of Linspire costs $49.95 but you can get a free coupon here and use it upto September 6th, 2005:

I am using Ubuntu myself but I am recommending Linspire due to the above reasons in the "quote". It is possible to use the software inside the "quote" and many others in Ubuntu as well but it is not included on the official Ubuntu CD and one has to look for the information on Ubuntuforums to get the additional software most of which is available on another "unofficial" CD (free download). Ubuntu offcourse is free and will remain free for ever.

In case you decide to stick with Windows please apply all the patches and don't use Internet Explorer in which many holes are getting discovered. Here is the latest one:,1895,1854038,00.asp

Good Luck.

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