Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fix for JioTV not working.

I am presently at Bhopal and my Jio phone is on roaming. Today JioTV did not work in spite of internet speed of 15 Mbps or more. After googling I got following solution which worked for me.
1. Uninstall and reinstall JioTV app.
2. Go to Settings/Mobile Network/Access Point Names/APN which is Jionet. Edit the following setting.
APN Protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Bearer LTE
JioTV started working.

Yesterday one old man brought his smart phone Panasonic Eluga Switch. He had Jio sim in slot 1 and Airtel sim in slot 2. After Android System update the Ringtone did not work for sim2.
After struggling for two hours I found interrupts setting in Sound in which calls was disabled. After enabling it the ringtone worked for sim2.

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