Friday, February 22, 2013

How to install Gnumeric 1.12.0 on Ubuntu from Debian Sid.

I have become fan of Gnumeric.

Earlier I was unable to open one .xlsx file (which I use to get daily as MIS) in Libre Office 3.5.4 but I could open it in Gnumeric. In fact I had submitted a bug for Libre Office on Launchpad.

As soon I knew about release of Libre Office 4.0 I installed it as indicated in this post. The file opens quickly in this version of Libre Office.

Afterwards I found that Excel file locked i.e. main sheet protected by password but I could open the lock in Gnumeric as indicated in this post.

As a fan of Gnumeric I decided to install the latest version and downloaded gnumeric_1.12.0-1_i386.deb from Debian Sid.

When I clicked on the .deb file Software Centre complained of following dependencies one by one:

I downloaded all the above packages from Debin Sid. Before installing Gnumeric 1.12, I had to remove installed gnumeric-common and gnumeric packages.

At last Software Centre complained broken cache but installed gnumeric on second attempt.

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