Thursday, September 20, 2012

Revisiting Ubuntu installation on Windows Desktop

I carry a boot-able pen-drive with Ubuntu so that it can be used for quick installation on Desktops/Laptops whose owners permit me to do so.

Yesterday I found a Desktop in Delhi where previous installation of Ubuntu done by me using Live CD was wiped out due to reformatting of hard disk. I tried booting with pendrive after changing the first boot device to USB-HDD, USB-FDD, USB-ZIP etc but could not boot. I will investigate the problem some other day.

Then I decided to download Ubuntu 12.04.1 iso and burn a CD. For cheking md5sum I downloaded WinMD5Sum   The iso failed in md5sum check. Then I downloaded Free Download Manager to download the iso and the iso passed the md5sum check. For burning the iso on CD I downloaded Infra Recorder. After making Live CD I could install Ubuntu 12.04.1 on the Desktop.

This post is just to record what software is needed on Windows ( WinMD5Sum, Free Download Manager, Infra Recorder) to install Ubuntu on Windows machine.
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