Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Enlightened on Linux

Apart from Blogger, Gmail, iGoogle I use almost every Google Application like Google Documents, Google Maps, Google Calender etc., therefore, I was thrilled to see the above Desktop image of gOS.
I downloaded the iso, burnt CD and tried it Live and was very much impressed with newE17 Enlightenment Desktop and installed it to Hard Disc. Immediately after installation, I wanted to replace the Facebook icon with Orkut and Meebo icon with Gaim (or now called PIDGIN) but I was afraid that the attempt may mess up something.

I remembered that I had tried to fiddle with E16 version of this Desktop on Dapper Drake and did not like it. I removed E16 and tried to add gOS desktop to Ubuntu Dapper from gOS repositories but it refused to install due to broken dependencies because the package was meant for Ubuntu Gutsy which I have not installed. After searching a little more, I found the repositories containing E17 Desktop for Ubuntu Dapper.
I installed the Desktop and started to configure. I found some new terms like shelf, pager, ibar and ibox. Then I remembered the recent article posted on in which the author has mentioned these terms and what they do. I could configure the Desktop within a few minutes using GUI tools and the screenshot is below:

The wallpaper was available in the system somewhere and I changed the default wallpaper. Look at the boxes at the bottom. The whole rectangular shape is called "shelf" which can be put on any side of the Desktop (aligned Left, Right or Center). The first yellow icon (after the cock's image) is the Start button. The 4 boxes next to it are the 4 Desktops (or workspaces) available in Ubuntu The space containing them is called "pager". The next box called "ibar" contains the icons of Firefox, Abiword, Evolution, GAIM, Gnumeric Spreadsheet have been inserted by me, then there are 2 applets (Temperature and Clock), the next box called ibox contains running minimized applications (Freecell, Rhythmbox, Home Folder, Terminal).

I am very happy to see that I can customize the Desktop on E17 with GUI tools provided and any user can do it and get enlightened.

I forgot to add you can have one shelf in each corner and fully customize it like on the green gOS desktop there is another shelf on right (middle aligned) with Network and Clock applet.

I could add the orkut icon to the ibar after setting it to open my orkut account and I am adding the sreenshot below. The orkut icon is next to gmail icon.

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